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Three out of ten children in Mali never get to school either because there is no school nearby, or because the child’s labor force is needed at home. In Mali, 70% of the population is illiterate. There are no state schools in Bamako’s Sanfil slum. The children who live here can only go to school if somebody pays the modest tuition fee charged by the local private school for them.

The idea of the child support program goes back to 2012 when Andrea Morris was teaching at the school of Bamako’s Sanfil slum and she was sad to see that children often dropped out of school because they had not been able to pay the school fee for several months.

The point of the program is that it is not money that is distributed but tuition fees are paid for hard-working, needy and talented children. The children are selected based on recommendations by the teachers. The foundation sends the sponsors to the school which reports back about the children taking part in the program on a regular basis and gives an account of the progress made by the students. The representatives of the foundation plan to travel to Bamako once a year and they intend to visit the families of the sponsored children, to make sure that the support amounts continue to be provided to the right persons. These visits are organised when the other school development programs are managed.

The experience of the past five years has shown that the greatest gift for these children is to know that there is someone who believes in them, and that there is someone who shows them the value of learning. Through this, they get the chance to break out of their miserable environment. In the past five years, nearly one hundred children got access to education through the program. Fourteen of them passed entrance exams to some Bamako grammar schools, and two of them are now university students.

We do not let go of the children’s hands during their years at grammar school and university either. At that time, they receive the support amounts directly, which they can spend on textbooks, school equipment and traveling to school.

The monthly support amount is HUF 3,500.-, from which the foundation covers the tuition fee and buys textbooks and school equipment for the sponsored children. Please, make your bank transfer to the following account:

Should you like to be a sponsor please send us an email to and make your bank transfer to the following account:

Kozel Afrikahoz Alapitvany, Magnet Bank: 16200010-10097432

IBAN HU61 1620 0010 1009 7432 0000 0000

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