What we do?

We send children to school in an area of the world where there is no free education. We currently work in Mali and Zambia.

Our mission

We are a team of young and old who came together to make something different today.
Using our local knowledge and forward thinking we design innovative ways to help small communities in Africa through education.

Helping is developing together. As teacher learns, learners teach.

How we work

We listen to a community, understand their needs and open possibilities for a child.

Join us to change the life of a child today!

Sponsor a child, help us build a school or help us deliver an educational project.

All our projects are fully documented and followed up in a way that you see the impact of your contribution.

By helping you will discover a different world but the same humanity.

Current Projects

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About us

Andrea Morris, the initiator of this foundation, lived in Africa between 2009 and 2013. Her most memorable time in Africa was when she taught English in a slum school in Bamako. This slum didn’t have any government founded school so she met a lot of children who could not attend school due to their parent’s poverty. She had the idea of helping these children by finding sponsors to pay their school fees. The programme since then helped more than 100 impoverished children to go to school and was the startting point of this foundation.

I’m Anna Surányi, a French and Social Studies teacher who had a long time dream of going to Africa. My first time there was in 2017 when I volunteered in Tanzania. Later, in 2019, I participated (as a volunteer again) in a one month’s UNESCO World Heritage Project in Zambia. The project itself didn’t go as well as I had hoped but luckily it gave me the opportunity to work together with Auxiria Mwanza, the local coordinator of the project whose family had a school in Kafue. I became curious and, thanks to the unsuccessfulness of the original project, I had the time to go to visit the school. During our discussion with Auxiria, I learnt that, unfortunately, not all families can afford to pay the fee for the school (which is lower than other private schools). That’s how the idea of creating a sponsorship programme for the children in need came to my mind.

My name is Jenni Morris and I am a 19-year-old high school student. I am lucky enough to have grown up in African countries such as South Africa, Mali and Tanzania, which is a reason why I am devoted to give something back to the places and communities which have taught me so much.

Hi, I am Bouréma Dolo, a dogon living in Bamako. I was born in a remote village on the Dogon Plateau. After the local primary school I did my secondary school and university in Bamako. I had great help to persue my studies from a French couple. This couple came to the Dogon Plateau as tourists and, as it was customary for children, I was following them and offering my guiding servises to them . This is how we met. They didn’t just help me with my education but consider me even today as their adopted son. I did my degree in Geography and Development Studies at the university of Bamako. I believe that change can only be achieved by education. That’s why I am part of this foundation.

Today our foundation has many new members who are from different generations, but all want to provide effective help to our schools

Our team Members:Vince, Kriszta, Péter, Anna, Gadiry, Bouréma

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