The German-Hungarian Xeless company is supporting the development of toilettes and wash basins and the introduction of a hand washing habit again this year in a school in Bamako organised by our foundation.

This year, we built restrooms in the School of Winners and soon we’ll be visiting the site to talk about the importance of hand washing with local children. MORE…

In African schools, often there are no solutions at all to satisfy the children’s needs for hand washing and toilets. The lack of restrooms does not only cause sanitary problems but is also one of the most common reasons for adolescent girls missing school. Along with the Xeless company, we are working on changing this situation in our supported schools.

In the Chérifoula school last year, we refurbished the toilettes and created a hand washing station, that both the children and teachers use regulary today.

Our second school in Bamako, the School of Winners, however, has been working for 5 years without a restroom. This school year will be the first, when the school has solved the lack of restrooms with the help of the Xeless company.

For our visit in November, we are planning educational, sensitising conversations and lessons, similar to last year’s Chérifoula campaign.

You can read our Xeless campaign’s summary from last year with images on the website of the

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